We can meet any requirement

Custom made solutions developed and produced thanks to market knowledge and costumer necessities. MALZ project specific models and realize them with careful and professional production management from R&D start to mass production units shipment.

Thanks to coordination and synergy between varius departments and to his high flexibility MALZ can meet the several request of the numerous industrial sector in wich his articles are known for hight quality standards.

Customized rims production process


Through careful components analysis and 3D modeling new wheels on costumer request are developed. Thanks to cutting edge technologies and decades log experience future solutions are designed.


Rim production process start from large first choice raw material stock to be cut and pressworked to get different kind and dimensions of semi-manufactured parts. Careful analysis and mechanical test grant absence of defects and faults in shape.


MIG/MAG pulse arc welding executed into robotic multiple torch cells grant high quality production on both large numbers and small special productions. Production process combine pressworked or rolled parts, hubs, and flanges allowing a wide range of dimensions and offset combinations.


Production process flexible in realizing bearing seats hubs, keyways, drums and crowns options. Special fittings and components realized on costumer request.

Surface treatment

Powder painting with more than 30 available colors, cataphoresis to improve corrosion resistance, zinc coating and chromium plating for maximum brilliance. Preventive sandblasting option for better treatment adherence on clean surfaces. Surface hardening for rollers and shafts to reduce time wearing.


Wide pneumatic, super elastic and solid tire range available for fitting with custom made rims to meet any kind of wheel requirements. Rollers and idler wheels fitted with range of bearings and sealing options. Sheet wheels and round iron rollers suited for special shafts made on costumer specifications.

After sales

MALZ policy focus on costumer satisfaction. Our sales and technical staff are ready to assist any kind of costumer necessity, form actual or new project consulting to claim management.